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Brand Integration

Premier Entertainment Services  provides the opportunities to highlight a brand, identify key product attributes and communicate focused marketing message through select TV/Film properties and entertainment partnerships.  Premier Entertainment Services works along side with our clients and their partner agencies to align project goals and media objectives to maximize BRAND INTEGRATION opportunities not only in television and film, but also music videos. 

Product Placement

The two biggest factors affecting the future of network television advertising are the threat of emergent technology and the continued erosion of network television audiences and subsequent migration to cable channels.  Replay TV, TiVo and the new generation of computers that can download television programming all allow viewers to zap through or skip commercials, while in movie theaters, although you have a captive audience, there is tremendous resistance to commercials playing prior to the feature program starting.  One solution to all of these problems is to place products within shows that both add an air of naturalism and authenticity and provide a means of exposure for that product to the advertiser’s desired demographic base.  Product placement is embedded within the program or film and travels with it throughout its life in ever-expanding global distribution channels.  Through our  extensive relationships with property masters, set decorators, and wardrobe departments, Premier Entertainment maximizes our client's potential opportunities.

Cross Promotions

Through our long standing relationships with major film, television studios, record labels and music management companies, Premier Entertainment Services also offers the opportunity to cross promote your products through alternative mediums  in order to gain the necessary exposure to touch consumers on a large scale.  For example, Premier Entertainment Services recently negotiated the Warner Brother deal with Fiat for the upcoming 2013 Superman film entitled Man of Steel and the  2012 Batman film entitled The Dark Knight Rises.  Whether you are  a major corporation or a start up company trying to maximize your visibility for your ever growing brand, Premier Entertainment can help you secure these licensing promotional tie-ins to aid companies that believe this to be an essential aspect of their advertising initiative.

Celebrity Seeding

Celebrity seeding provides the client the  opportunity to identify  celebrities you want associated with your product.   The process involves Premier Entertainment Services sending products directly to the celebrity or their reps with the hopes that they  will begin to use the products.  In  most cases celebrities will be photographed with the product  or may even talk about the product during an interview.   

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