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Premier Entertainment Services International based in North Hollywood, California has been in business for over 23 years and is one of the premier brand integration companies in Hollywood with an unrivaled list of blue chip clients.  The company’s principals have been involved in the business since its inception and have helped shaped the industry into the current state it is today.

This Very informative article illustrating the expert care and concern we have in our relationships with you, our client, may be found here... 

The video below demonstrates how important it is we find the right fit between a brand and a project, while helping directors bring authenticity to the stories they’re trying to tell. 

As a result of the reputation Premier has built over the years, the company’s results have been achieved by forging close relationships with producers, set decorators and prop masters (the last person who touches your product before the camera rolls).  By responding in a timely fashion to their production needs and treating them as part of an extended family.  Premier’s production staff has amply demonstrated their respect of both our clients and the entertainment industry professionals that are the key to our continual success.  Based on our exposure results and significant return on investment, our relationships with our existing clients have developed into long-lasting partnerships.  

For our clients, we screen scripts, handle all outside requests for products and make recommendations on potential opportunities.  At Premier, we emphasize the protection of your brand identity.  We are fully aware of the impact of “negative placement” and its effect.  

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