Tony Engedal


Tony has been in the product placement business for over 29 years, beginning with Unique Product Placement in 1979.  Following the explosion in the placement business with the release of "E.T." in 1982, in which the alien's insatiable appetite for Reese's Piece's dramatically demonstrated the impact of product placement, Tony helped to build UPP into one of the largest companies in the business.  During his five-year tenure, Tony oversaw the entire production side, handling relationships with studio executives and property masters to place UPP's Levis, Puma and New Balance clients.  

In 1987, Tony joined Creative Film Promotions as Director of Productions, where he first met his future business partner, Michael Nusinow.  In conjunction with Michael, Tony orchestrated all placements for the company's Anheuser Busch, Audi/Volkswagen and Unisys accounts.   He subsequently left the company to form Premier Entertainment Services in 1989.

Tony has been the Head of Production for Premier Entertainment Services since its inception in 1989 when he decided to use the connections he had developed during the preceding years to start his own placement company.  In addition to the extended family of prop masters with whom he works, Tony currently handles the company’s relationships with Warner Brothers and various celebrities, such as Clint Eastwood and Mario Lopez.


Michael Nusinow

Vice President

Michael Nusinow entered the entertainment business in 1981 when he became an in-house product placement executive for Nike.  Michael remained at Nike for five years where he helped build the department into the well respected and formidable placement force that has been the dominant footwear company in feature films and television.   The main focus of his activities was primarily in feature films, where he was responsible for prominent exposures in many major motion pictures. 

During his tenure at Nike, Michael developed close relationships with the studios, particularly with production resource personnel, costumers and celebrities such as Robert Redford, Tom Hanks and James Belushi.  Michael left Nike to expand the scope of his placement activities at Creative Film Promotions, where, in partnership with Tony Engedal, he put together major placements for their clients, such as the Unisys computers, which became a central prop in the Kevin Costner hit, "No Way Out".

In 1989, Mr. Nusinow left Creative Film Promotions to set up Premier Entertainment Services with his colleague, Tony Engedal.

Michael is Vice President of Production handling the company’s relationships with Paramount, Universal and Sony.


Robert Steuer

Head of Production

A producer with extensive contacts in the film industry, Bob has access to production personnel at all levels of the entertainment business, including Disney, Walden Media and 20th Century Fox.  He has also been “hands on” in all areas of the industry, including executive positions in marketing and distribution.  Bob was the U.S. representative for The Marche Internationale du Film (Cannes Film Festival).

Bob is a graduate of Tulane University.


Ward Larsen

Vice President of Business Development

With a background in production marketing from Washington State University, Ward Larsen has been in the product placement business for over ten years.  His relationship with independent and major film festivals gives the company added value in working with celebrities, directors and producers.


Brendan Leong

Vice President of Entertainment Relations

Starting his career in the music industry working with the likes of Transformer Star Tyrese Gibson, Brendan Leong was hired as the Vice President of Entertainment Relations in 2011.  His extensive music connections with every major label have been utilized to negotiate music video integrations and to foster sponsorships and promotional opportunities with major label artists.  Brendan is a graduate of Whitter Law School.


Wendy Williams

Office Manager

Wendy Williams has been in the product placement business since 1987.  She began her career at International Film Promotions where she was in charge of the company’s Stroh’s and Peugeot accounts. 

In 1989, Wendy joined NAC Home Video/Next Step Marketing where she headed up the Executive and Administrative Department for Stuart Karl (Karl/Lorimar). 

Wendy joined Premier Entertainment Services in 1991.  She is responsible for all administration, office duties and providing backup for the production department with script-breakdowns and reporting procedures.

She is a graduate of the University of Southampton in England.


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